Sphynx and Bambino

Adorable Hairless Kittens from HAIRLESS GALAXY

I have established a HAIRLESS GALAXY cattery to share the passion of having an amazing and healthy cat with all hairless cat fans. I’ve been studying the genetics of breeding these majestic creatures and today, you can also buy an adult breeder cat, or opt for purchasing healthy Sphynx kittens!

Hairless Kittens in HAIRLESS GALAXY

Many cat lovers in the USA prefer using gumtree to get various breeds of cats near them. But there are lots of problems with this website, the main problem is that they often give away cats with problems, or sometimes even pregnant females.

Instead of taking a risk, it’s best to use the services of professional catteries. My breeding cattery specializes in breeding hairless cats. I studied hairless cats’ genetics for a very long period so today I know the best ways to breed cats.

For instance, one of the most important things when breeding hairless cats is to check their health. Unfortunately, just like other purebred breeds, hairless cats have health problems, in particular, HCM or Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

Only a specialist like myself can choose two cats that produce kitten litters with minimal risks of developing HCM. And that’s one of the main reasons to trust professional breeders. In my cattery, you can buy a beautiful and healthy Sphynx cat with the right to reproduce.

Sphynx Personality and Physical Appearance

A sphinx has the following physical characteristics:

  • Lack of fur but have fine peach-like hair.
  • Long legs.
  • A small head and big ears.
  • Big eyes of a lemon shape.
  • A muscular and beautiful body.
  • Wrinkled skin.

As for their personality, they are wonderful explorers. If you like felines that seek your attention, then you will appreciate having a Sphynx! These cats are extremely affectionate and prefer the company of their human friends. These majestic creatures are cuddly and very talkative. Most Sphynx owners claim that their feline friends often meet them when they come home.

Sphynx cats are very curious and look at the world with their eyes wide open. They love playing with other pets in the house and are always up to something fun! These little hairless creatures are perfect companions.

Why Should You Buy a Breeder Cat in HAIRLESS GALAXY?

If you are interested in breeding Sphynx cats, you can opt for adoption. My HAIRLESS GALAXY cattery offers Sphynx cats for sale. You may opt for choosing cats with the right to reproduce, or you can choose healthy beautiful kittens to have as pets. All my cats are scanned for HCM, so you can be positive that you get a healthy cat.

You can choose to buy wonderful cats of various colors, black or white, with spots, males or females for a good price. You can even choose one of the rarest Sphynx breeds – felines with heterochromia. Check out the catalog and choose an amazing pet for adoption!

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