7 characteristics of Hairless cats

1. Mega social
Sphynxes jump on you, grab your legs and arms from all sides. They are very offended if you do not hold them in your arms or push them off their knees. They are really confused – How can you not let the cat to the body on demand.

You find cats independent and self-sufficient, the Sphynx will seem very persistent. If you want cat to caress non-stop-this is your option.

2. Need special care
The biggest misconception:consider that the less wool-the less problems. Wool in the apartment really will not be, but the hassle of this will not decrease (and you can add). At the very least, the animal should wash regularly.

Detailed characteristics of the Sphynx content associated with wool deficiency are described in this article.

3. Temperamental
In Sphynx-girls, the first fever occurs early (at 5-7 months), and the sexual hunt itself is strongly expressed. If the cat is not taken to the cat, the estrus will be repeated again and again, causing others to go mad. Due to the hormonal storms, these cats are prone to benign hyperplasia of the mammary glands (fibroadenoma) and pyometra.

4. Unearthly appearance and charm
Don, the canadian and Petersburg Sphynxes are different in appearance. But all hairless cats have a very expressive muzzle and eyes. Modern lines are aimed at reducing the folding (characteristic of don sphynxes), but wrinkles on the trunk-this is something! With them, the cat looks like an angry old man, but the character of sphynxes is quite friendly and compliant.

In the absence of wool, the smallest errors in the drawing are visible. That is why it is so important not to transfer the Sphynx-otherwise you will get a cat in the form of a pear with a saggy belly (in hairy breeds, the “udder” is masked by hair). Thin and muscular sphynxes are divine because they can see every muscle. When a cat moves, it is fascinating.

5. Active
Some Sphynx owners joke that they bought a monkey instead of a cat. These cats are curious, playful and nervous. They like to climb to the top( and throw everything away), do not hesitate to walk on tables, destroy indoor plants and do all sorts of dirty things.

The young Sphynx is ready to play with people, other animals, with toys – this is not a “sofa pillow”. These cats can even be trained to put toys in their teeth, for example.

6. Increased metabolism
Sphynxes need more food than normal cats, because they spend a lot of energy to maintain body temperature. The problem for the owners is not so much in gluttony (how much a 3-5-kilogram pet will eat), but in the consequences.

Increased metabolism leads to the fact that a naked cat poops three times more than a hairy one. Clean the tray accordingly, you should also often, and you should choose a suitable filling to avoid the appearance of unpleasant odors in the apartment.

7. Fine mental organization
Sphynxes are intelligent animals, but their psyche is very sensitive. It is unacceptable to yell or hit such a pet for inappropriate behavior, this will only worsen the situation.

Although sphynxes do not show aggression towards people, they do not always get along easily with their relatives. Do not like sudden changes, moving or having a baby can be a real stress for the cat.

In General, it makes sense to talk to sphynxes in person – in a cattery or at an exhibition, this will help you understand whether you really want a naked cat and are ready to do anything for it.

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