About Us – Sphynx and Bambino Cattery “Hairless Galaxy”

Our cattery of hairless cats “Hairless Galaxy” has been in existence since 2013. In 2017, the cattery received official registration of the WCF system in Germany. My name is Marina Goncharova,and I am the founder of a cattery. I am an instructor-felinologist, a professional breeder of hairless cats: Sphinx, Bambino, Elf.
I took a course in felinology. I also studied the basics of veterinary medicine and cat anatomy. I passed the international exam on the genetics of cats. This knowledge helps me in breeding high-quality Sphinxes, Bambinos and Elves. This knowledge and experience helps me correctly select pairs of females and males for reproduction of absolutely healthy offspring. Also, this knowledge gives me the opportunity to get a chic type of cat and rare colors. Graduates of our cattery receive high marks and titles at world exhibitions in different countries. In our cattery you can buy a Sphinx , a Bambino or an Elf for exhibitions in the show class. You can also buy beautiful females and males with the right to breed. Also for fans of hairless cats, we can offer cute creatures as Pets. We will be happy to assist you in the purchase of the Sphynx ,Bambino and Elf. In addition, we will provide you with detailed information about care, hygiene and feeding of hairless cats.


  1. Eliseo ceron


    1. Администратор (Post author)

      Please write to us xhonor389@gmail.com

  2. Mary-Anne Dey

    I am very interested in a breeding male Bambino and would like pricing please. I live in the region of Toronto Canada.
    Thank-you very much for your time,
    Mary-Anne Dey

    1. Администратор (Post author)

      if you need more information about the kitten, please contact me by email or via whatsapp. you can also use Facebook messenger to contact me.


      +7 915 2061464
      +38 0509102185



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