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Reasons for Getting a Healthy Hairless Kitten in a Professional Cattery

My cattery HAIRLESS GALAXY has been breeding beautiful and healthy hairless cats since 2013. I have achieved great results at breeding felines. This fact is proven by the official registration of the WCF in Germany.

For all the hairless cat lovers it means that now they can get kittens of amazing quality with perfect health. Thanks to my knowledge of genetics and breeding, the HAIRLESS GALAXY breeder can offer you to get such breeds as Sphynx, Elf, or Bambino.

You may be wondering why you should prefer to get a cat in a professional cattery rather than opt for adoption. After all, you can check ads on gumtree and get a cat near you for free or cheaper. But there are a few important things to note, and one of them is that Sphynx cats are prone to health issues.

Getting a Sphynx from a professional breeder will guarantee that your beautiful cat won’t have serious issues. Check out the article to learn more about my work and why it’s a great idea to get a cat for sale in my cattery.

Hairless Galaxy – a Cattery With a Serious Approach to Reducing the Risk of HCM In Hairless Cats

Purebred cats are usually prone to various genetic health issues. One of the most serious issues is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or HCM.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a serious genetic illness that causes the heart muscle to be abnormally thick, and as a result, it doesn’t operate well. If the testing of a cat shows a positive result and the feline has a heterozygous positive genetic mutation, it still doesn’t mean that the cat will develop this disease.

A negative result is rather promising and it is almost unlikely that the feline will get ill. In my cattery, we test all cats before breeding. You can get a female or a male, and rest assured your pet will have minimal risks of getting ill.

Hairless Cats: History of the Breed

Sphynx is the very first breed that was specifically sought upon breeding. The very first hairless cat was born in Canada, Ontario, in 1966. Starting from this event, breeders began their journey on developing the breed.

Description of the Sphynx

The description is as follows:

  • No fur, touching the skin feels like touching a peach.
  • No whiskers or eyelashes.
  • Smaller heads and rather big ears.
  • Deeply set eyes of a lemon shape.
  • Muscular body.
  • Long legs and tail.

All skin colors and any type of pigmentation are acceptable. You can find cats with black or light skin tones. My breeder also works on breeding cats with heterochromia – one of the most beautiful cats out there.

The Personality of Hairless Cats

A sphynx cat is extremely sweet with a great personality. They are attached to their owners and even other pets at home. They are sociable and very talkative. What makes them even dearer is their curious personality and active nature. These tiny sweethearts are true explorers!

In my Hairless Cattery, you can choose to adopt a cat with minimal risks of developing health issues. Check out the gallery and choose a cat that you like the most and would like to buy.