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In my cattery HAIRLESS GALAXY, you can buy a perfectly healthy kitten of any hairless breed. You can choose to buy Sphynx, Elf, Bambino, or Dwelf breeds of kittens. Adult cats with the right to breed are also available for adoption in my cattery.

Why it’s a Good Idea to Buy Hairless Kittens in HAIRLESS GALAXY

Without any doubt, hairless cats look amazingly beautiful! All these cats are unique since they can be of different colors, with pigmentation. They have huge eyes, big ears, and charm everyone around them. But unfortunately, hairless breeds of cats are prone to various genetic diseases.

One of the most serious illnesses is HCM or Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. It’s a condition when the heart muscle becomes too thick. As a result, blood flow may be blocked and lead to huge problems or death. Luckily, professional breeders can minimize the risks of developing this disease. This is what I do in the HAIRLESS GALAXY cattery.

I’ve spent years studying hairless breeds’ genetics to learn how to reduce the risks of developing HCM. In my cattery, you can buy perfectly healthy kittens for sale. You can scan them before purchasing.

Hairless Kittens: History

The hairlessness peculiarity of hairless breeds is actually a genetic mutation. Hairless cats kept being born with this mutation, until in 1960 breeders intentionally bred cats with the same genetic mutation. As a result, we now can enjoy hairless breeds of kittens!

Description Of Hairless Kittens

The general description of most of these breeds is as follows:

  • No fur, but have a peach-like fuzz.
  • Muscular body.
  • Rather big ears (unless it’s an American curl).
  • Slender legs, usually long (unless it’s an Elf, Dwelf, or Bambino).

They can be of different colors, with pigmentation, even the color of the eyes differ. The most mysteriously beautiful hairless cat is probably the one that has heterochromia. But overall, kittens of these breeds are simply charming!

Personality And Peculiarities

The easiest way to describe the personality of a hairless kitten is to compare it to the personality of a dog. This cute little creature will follow you everywhere you go and will try to help you with all your tasks. No matter what you’re doing, your little companion will sit beside you.

These tiny and cute cats are extremely affectionate and the best place on Earth for them is your laps. They love to cuddle, play, and explore the world. They bring pure joy to their owners. They do need attention though, they don’t like to be alone. Make sure you spend time with your tiny friend, play together, etc.

Take a look at my website and choose a kitten among the available ones for sale. Shipping safely to other countries is available, so you can get a healthy kitten from a professional breeder.

These kittens aren’t just cute, they are perfect companions. If you love pets, hairless breeds are perfect for you. They are affectionate, active, and playful. These cats get along well with other pets, even dogs. Take a look at the catalog of cats, and choose the one that you like the most!