Bambino kittens for sale

bambino-kittensThe Bambino breed is a fairly new breed of cats. In the HAIRLESS GALAXY, you can purchase cute kittens of this new and amazing breed. My cattery is focused on breeding healthy kittens of hairless cats. If you take a look at my website, you will find various kittens for adoption.

Scanning Cats For HCM in the HAIRLESS GALAXY

Having hairless cats is one of the best joys in life. These breeds are often very affectionate, loving, and follow their human friends everywhere they go. It’s like having a dog, but it’s a cat. But there is one important thing to note – hairless cats often have genetic diseases.

Bambino cats are prone to HCM, or Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. It’s a genetic illness that hairless breeds might develop. If you are buying kittens for sale in professional catteries, this risk is almost non-existent.

In my cattery HAIRLESS GALAXY, I focus on breeding healthy hairless cats. I’ve been learning the genetics of hairless cats for a long while, and I achieved great success in breeding cats with minimal risks of developing HCM.

Bambino Kittens: Breed History

Bambino is a new breed of hairless cats, the very first litter of kittens was born in 2005. Bambino in Italian means baby, which is why the breed got this name. It’s a combination of a Sphynx cat and a Munchkin.

The Bambino kitten got its short legs from Munchkin, while the hairless skin from Sphynx. One interesting thing about Bambino kittens is that they don’t always have hairless skin. Sometimes they are covered with very short and soft fur.

Description of Bambino Kittens

As it was mentioned, a Bambino cat is a combination of a Sphynx and a Munchkin. So, the description is as follows:

  • Large upright ears.
  • Small body.
  • Short legs.
  • Hairless skin (or soft fur in some cases).

These cats are amazing companions and get along with most other pets and gentle kids.

Bambino Kittens Personality

As for the Bambino personality, they are extremely affectionate. Even though they have short legs, they still are very playful and active. They might get tired sooner than other cats, but it doesn’t change their personality at all. To sum up the personality of a Bambino cat:

  • Active and playful.
  • Extremely affectionate, seeks out the attention of all family members.
  • Needs various activities and toys to be entertained.
  • Behaves like a dog, belongs to the class of cats “Companions”.

One of the best things about Bambino kittens is that you may have them even if you have allergies. Bambino cats don’t have fur, or if in some cases they do, it barely triggers allergies. Moreover, a Bambino spreads pure joy and is perfect for families with kids and other pets.

Check out the photos of available kittens and pick the one you would love to purchase. It’s possible to ship kittens safely to most foreign countries.