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Healthy Hairless Cats from the HAIRLESS GALAXY cattery

If you are interested in having a breeder cat, then check out the catalog of my cattery – HAIRLESS GALAXY. I’ve spent a lot of time learning about the best ways of breeding healthy cats. As a result, you can enjoy having healthy and wonderful breeds of cats – Sfinks, Bambino, Elf, Dwelf.

What to Expect from Buying a Hairless Cat in HAIRLESS GALAXY?

If you are looking to adopt a cat, especially a hairless breed, it’s best to use the services of professional breeders. I established the cattery HAIRLESS GALAXY to breed healthy and beautiful kittens. All my cats are tested for HCM – hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

When buying a cat in my breeder, you can expect to get a healthy purebred cat. I’ve been studying genetics and have achieved great results in breading hairless cats that are less likely to develop HCM .Take a look at the catalog to see if you want to buy a majestic kitten of the mentioned breeds!

Personality and Appearance of Hairless Cats

One of the most important things to note if you are into buying a cat is that hairless felines are hypoallergenic. These breeds don’t shed fur with the protein that causes allergies – the Fel D1 protein. So, you can safely have a beautiful kitten even if you are allergic to all other breeds.

As for their appearance, here are some characteristic features:

  • Long slender legs.
  • A muscular body with a long tail.
  • Lemon-shaped eyes.
  • A wedge-shaped head resembles the one of Devon Rex.
  • Wrinkled skin.
  • All range colors and skin patterns are acceptable.

Perhaps the best way to describe the personality of a hairless cat is to compare its behavior to a dog. Hairless cats are companions. They prefer the company of humans, they even greet their human friends when they come home. These tiny and majestic creatures seek out your attention. They are loving, cuddly, and very talkative. Hairless breeds tend to be curious and love exploring the world even if it’s just your apartment.

Check out the catalog HAIRLESS GALAXY and get a beautiful hairless feline. You can opt for cats with the right to reproduce, or you can simply choose healthy pets. Rest assured, all the kittens are perfect and healthy. Cats from my cattery often win various awards at cat shows!

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