Contract purchase and sale of a kitten




    1. The kitten is considered reserved only after making a deposit of 50%. The owner pays a deposit of 50% if the kitten has not reached the age of sending (4 months). The deposit is non-refundable!!! compensation for the maintenance of the kitten and lost opportunities for its sale are also considered. When the reserved kitten reaches the age of dispatch (4 months), it must be paid in full by the owner. Also, by this time, the owner must pay the cost of delivering the kitten.
    2. If at the time of purchase the kitten has already reached the age of dispatch, that is, four months of age or more, the owner pays the full (100%) cost of the animal and the cost of delivery.
    3. The owner agrees to accept the animal within 14 days from the date of payment. After 14 days, for each day of keeping the sold animal, the breeder has the right to deduct the amount from the owner at his discretion.
    4. If the issue of payment or acceptance of the animal by the owner is not resolved within 14 days, the breeder has the right to put the kitten up for sale again, without compensation to the owner!
  1. It is necessary to understand that the degree of nudity of the sphinx depends on many factors. The Sphinx is not a rubber cat, but only an appearance without fur. Hair follicles in cats of the Canadian Sphinx breed are present. Hormones, climate, and genetics play important roles in animal life. Even if the Canadian Sphinx kitten is naked during the transfer, some hair may develop in the future. The breeder cannot guarantee that the Canadian Sphinx kitten will not have hair in the future.
  2. The breeder is not responsible for the loss of the quality of the animal due to the fault of the Owner or in the event of unforeseen situations (accident, consequences of a serious illness, improper maintenance, nutrition, etc.). The quality assessment is made at the time of transfer of the animal.
  3. Subsequently, the Breeder is not responsible for any acquired diseases of viral, bacterial, etc. genesis. The owner, when receiving an animal, gives a full account of his actions, understands that he is receiving a living being that can be subjected to external and internal aggressive influences, accepts the fact that high-breed animals do not have strong natural immunity and non-compliance with the regime of maintenance, quarantine, feeding, routine vaccination, medical veterinary care, etc. may cause harm to the health and life of the kitten, the responsibility for which lies entirely with the Owner.
  4. We prefer that you come for the kitten in person, so the Breeder is not responsible for the quality of cargo transportation or delivery with a courier of animals and the consequences associated with transportation. The breeder’s responsibility ends when the animal is transferred to the cargo or courier.
  5. When sending animal cargo and / or by courier, the Owner assumes responsibility for the costs caused by stress and physiological characteristics of high-breed cats, and undertakes, if necessary, to take measures to eliminate them, following the recommendations of the Breeder.
  6. The owner in the presence of the Breeder (or video, if it is not possible to personally examine the animal) examined the eyes, ears, mucous membranes of the mouth, anus, skin and tail, certified their normal condition, satisfied with the inspection. The owner is confident and confirms that the kitten is visually clinically healthy at the time of transfer. The owner has no claims to the Breeder for the health of the kitten at the time of receipt.
  7. The breeder must: If a kitten is found to have a genetic disease that is incompatible with life, within 6 months from the date of receipt, by providing the Owner with a photo of the corpse, an autopsy report, an autopsy report recorded on a disk, and relevant veterinary documents (certificates are accepted only by competent specialists of leading clinics and laboratories that have official recognition at the international level, the choice of which is agreed with the Breeder), confirming the diagnosis, replace the animal with another one of the same sex and quality. The costs associated with the replacement of the animal (veterinary tests, re-registration of documents, transportation and other expenses) are paid by the Owner.
  8. The kitten’s parents are checked and free of HCM. The breeder guarantees that the kitten does not have hereditary HCM, based on the results of echocardiography of the parents. But negative tests of the parents are not a guarantee that the kitten will never have HCM in his life. That is why the animal must be examined every year. The etiology of primary cardiomyopathies is not yet fully understood. HCM disease in cats is a complex disease that can be caused by many factors. Hereditary pathology, viral diseases, autoimmune mechanisms, biochemical disorders, and feed deficiency (e.g., taurine) may be involved in the development of cardiomyopathy.
  1. The breeder gives a guarantee for reproduction:

if, upon reaching childbearing age, it turns out that the animal is not able to reproduce due to genetic abnormalities after the Owner provides the relevant veterinary documents (certificates are accepted only by competent specialists of leading clinics and laboratories with official recognition at the international level, the choice of which is agreed with the Breeder), confirming the diagnosis, after sterilization/castration, at the expense of the Owner, replace the defective animal with another, the same sex and quality. The costs associated with the replacement of the animal are paid by the Owner.

  1. The inability of the animal to reproduce is established by a doctor who is a specialist in animal reproduction in the Reproduction Center (certificates are accepted only by competent specialists of leading clinics and laboratories that have official recognition at the international level, the choice of which is agreed with the Breeder),

The reproduction survey includes:

  • Examination and Conclusion of a doctor who is a specialist in animal reproduction;
  • Cytological analysis of vaginal discharge;
  • Ultrasound of the genitourinary system;
  • Tests for the presence of chronic viral infections (FIV, FELV, FIP, ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis, campylobacteriosis);
  • Spermogram for men.
  1. The owner promises:

– to keep the animal in quarantine for 14 days;

The owner understands and agrees that cats can be carriers of viruses of calicivirosis, rhinotracheitis (herpes), coronavirus, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, etc. Cats of the Canadian Sphinx breed get a tight-fisted mutation that causes a lack of hair, so the breed does not have a strong natural immunity. The animal may experience stress from moving, changing the habitat, which leads to a drop in immunity.

The owner undertakes not to make claims to the health of the Breeder’s animal and to provide assistance to the animal if necessary under the guidance of the Breeder.

The owner understands and agrees that at the time of the transfer, the animal is clinically healthy, that form No. 1 is confirmed by a veterinary certificate. The owner understands and agrees that the Breeder is interested in the participation of the animal in breeding work in the Owner’s kennel, and the Owner, in the case of inspection (or video shooting) of the animal, as well as on the basis of the veterinary certificate (f.1), is convinced and agrees that the Breeder has taken all necessary actions to preserve the health of the animal in the kennel “HAIRLESS GALAXY”.

The Owner agrees that the Breeder’s responsibility for the health of the animal ends on the day of the transfer of the animal to the Owner, courier or air carrier (cargo), and the Owner’s claims for the health of the animal from this moment are not accepted, including in the case of the animal during quarantine.

  1.  if you have any questions, contact the breeder for clarification and follow his recommendations;
    • if you have any problems with the animal, which could later lead to a dispute between the parties, first of all inform the Breeder.

At the request of the Breeder, the Owner must provide a video recording of the animal. And video surveillance (for identification of the animal) in clinics during repeated studies, if the Breeder can not be present at the inspection in person.

  • never use unverified information from incompetent sources (the Internet, other breed producers, or people reviewing, etc.) to provide veterinary care or select a program for keeping and/or feeding a particular animal. This information will be provided to the Breeder in full as the Owner needs it.

If the Owner does not follow the recommendations of the Breeder, the Breeder is not responsible for the damage caused to the animal.

  1. The owner has the right to return the Breeder’s animal at any time from the moment of receipt, with prior agreement on the fact and term of return, but without receiving the amount of money previously paid for the transfer of the rights of breeding use, and without compensation for its maintenance.
  2. Payment for assignment of rights of breeding use from cattery “HAIRLESS GALAXY” doesn’t return to an animal under no circumstances.
  3. The Owner pays all payments connected with money transfer, with delivery of animals from cattery “HAIRLESS GALAXY” to the house of the Owner, acquisition of a container for transportation, paperwork and other necessary in addition. Including when replacing an animal (in case of a disputable situation) the expenses connected with return of an animal and receipt of a new animal are paid by the Owner. The delivery price is always paid by the Owner.
  4. Non-execution by the Owner of any of terms of this agreement exempts Breeder from all liabilities.
  5. Having received a breeding animal from cattery “HAIRLESS GALAXY”, the Owner confirms that he understands, agrees and accepts all terms of this agreement of the Offer.
  6. In case of confrontation, public scandal or a defamationof reputation of MARINA GONCHAROVA or KONSTANTIN GONCHAROV and cattery “HAIRLESS GALAXY”, including information transfer to the third parties, Breeder exempts itself from all obligations.
  7. Upon the demand of Breeder the Owner is obliged to provide video of an animal. And video service (for identification of an animal) in clinics at researches (including repeated) if Breeder can’t be present at a research personally.


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