Feeding Sphynx Cat


food for catsIn this section, you will learn how to properly feed hairless cats.

To feed hairless cats need to be approached very delicately. These animals have a fairly sensitive digestive system.
We select individual food for each animal. There are several ways to feed hairless cats. Natural : meat mix and vitamin supplements. The meat mix consists of 1/3 of low-fat meat, 1/3 of chicken necks, and 1/3 of meat offal. Professional cat food and canned food: Preferably grain-free food with a large amount of meat ingredients. For adult cats and kittens: Royal Canin Mother&Babycat, Royal Canin Kitten, Royal Canin Sphynx, Royal Canin Sensible, Orijen cat & kitten, Acana, Advance, Hill’s…
Mixed: in the Morning and evening, the animal receives a meat mix. Dry food and clean water are always freely available. We give the buyer detailed instructions for feeding each kitten individually.


it is strictly forbidden to give hairless cats: milk, fish, fat meat, chocolate.

You feed the Sphinx professional store food, do not spoil the cat with food from the table. This can lead to nutritional imbalances and obesity.
But alternating dry and wet ready-made food is quite acceptable, especially if they are created by the same manufacturer.
Dry food promotes mechanical brushing of teeth and supports digestion (it contains about 4% fiber). Wet food has about five times fewer calories than dry food, so it provides a balanced diet.


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    Iam interested in purchasing a sphynx from you! Iam currently and have been a veterinary technician for the past 16 years. I have owned a sphynx that sadly passed away at the age of 5 from anesthesia complications during a routine dental. We lost her to soon. Iam wanting to add another one or two to the family, we are ready. Could you send me prices on both breeders and pets? Also if you have any adults that are retired for a lesser price that you would like to adopt out, i would be interested! I live in Mississippi about 10 mins from. Memphis international Airport in Tennessee. I look forward to hear from you!

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