Feeding Sphynx Cat

In this section, you will learn how to properly feed hairless cats.

To feed hairless cats need to be approached very delicately. These animals have a fairly sensitive digestive system.
We select individual food for each animal. There are several ways to feed hairless cats. Natural : meat mix and vitamin supplements. The meat mix consists of 1/3 of low-fat meat, 1/3 of chicken necks, and 1/3 of meat offal. Professional cat food and canned food: Preferably grain-free food with a large amount of meat ingredients. For adult cats and kittens: Royal Canin Mother&Babycat, Royal Canin Kitten, Royal Canin Sphynx, Royal Canin Sensible, Orijen cat & kitten, Acana, Advance, Hill’s…
Mixed: in the Morning and evening, the animal receives a meat mix. Dry food and clean water are always freely available. We give the buyer detailed instructions for feeding each kitten individually.
it is strictly forbidden to give hairless cats: milk, fish, fat meat, chocolate.

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