History of the breed the Canadian Sphynx

History of the breed the Canadian Sphynx, when mentioning the Sphynx breed, immediately appears in Egypt. But in fact, bald cats do not have a direct relationship with this ancient country. There is only the assumption that hairless cats existed already in ancient times, to the test of scientists carry cave paintings. As is known, in Egypt, cats were in the role of a deity, so it is not surprising that there are many images of these animals out there.

The most plausible images were found in Mexico, the Aztecs-these people knew and loved exactly bald cats. In addition, these ancient animals were seen firsthand and captured in the photo-they were hairless Mexican cats. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the 20th century, the breed disappeared, but earlier it made a real furore in American exhibitions. These cats differed somewhat from modern sphynxes in their physique and, most importantly, in the cold season, they partially grew their hair. One of the progenitors of the modern Sphynx was born in Canada, in 1966. An ordinary cat gave birth to a bald kitten – this happens, since the absence of fur, in fact, is a genetic mutation. Then, in Canada, it turned out spontaneous. The hostess left an unusual cat for himself, and when he grew up, he took it with his mother to get once again a bald offspring. The experiment succeeded, bald kittens were born.

Around the same time, somewhere the same story occurred and so in the early 70’s there were already two branches of bald cats. Two-better than one, but still very, very little for breeding. Because of the lack of” pictures”, the excretion of the breed went with great difficulty, the kittens died, the Cats were sick – fresh blood was needed. Several times by chance, due to a spontaneous mutation, bald kittens appeared, this saved the situation. Soon several animals were sent to Europe for breeding a separate branch, where they began to cross with the Devon-Rexam breed, the closest in parameters.

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