How do I choose a cat litter tray?

The cat’s instinct is to cover its tracks and not leave its life products in plain sight. After dumping the waste, the animal feels calmer and more confident. Do not deprive your pet of the pleasure of fiddling with the filler, giving it only an empty tray!
How do I not get my finger in the sky and choose the right option? Remember that there is nothing better for a cat than Earth or sand. Don’t start the selection with exotic options: the animal may decide that the tray is not intended for toilet tasks at all.
Very important! The best content will not force the cat to use a small tray designed for kittens. The cat’s toilet should be large.
The ideal filler, according to the pet:
convenient to dig;
no foreign odors;
quickly absorbs liquid.
The ideal filler, according to the owner:
perfectly neutralizes the smell;
convenient to clean;
does not require frequent replacement;
don’t get dusty;
does not spread throughout the house, sticking to the cat’s paws.
The absorbent filler
Convenient for cats, as it quickly absorbs a large amount of liquid. Manufacturers use natural raw materials that are safe for animal health: special types of clay, corn, sawdust, cellulose.
Most manufacturers do not add flavorings, but the composition may include soda, activated carbon or silver ions ‒ these components significantly improve the characteristics of the absorbent filler.
It is inexpensive, but requires more frequent replacement compared to clumping and regular disinfection of the tray itself. This is a plus ‒ with frequent washing, the risk of pathogens multiplying in the contents of the cat’s toilet is much lower.
Very important! Choose an absorbent if your pet has access to the street (walk it on a sled or take it out of the city). Absorbent filler is the best option when several cats live in the house.
Brands of this type are more popular, as lumpy filler is convenient for owners. For its production, bentonite is most often used-a clay mineral that has excellent absorbing properties. Wood, paper and some other materials are also used as raw materials.
Why do cat owners like to crumple their droppings? In addition to the obvious advantages of cost-effectiveness and ease of cleaning, some brands have special additives that change color depending on the composition of the urine. So, if the animal is ill, and there are no external symptoms yet, then the unusual color of these additives will allow the owner to seek help from a veterinarian in time.

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