How to bathe a sphynx

Water treatments for hairless cats are necessary to maintain the health of the skin, which produces a large amount of protective secretions. Depending on how intensively sebum is formed, washing may be required every week, or it may be necessary only 1-2 times a month (the frequency of bathing is indicated for healthy animals). When it’s hot outside, you need to wash your hairless cat more often.


At this stage, it is very important to choose the right shampoo. For naked cats, as well as for hairless dogs, create means for washing, which have special requirements. They should effectively remove sebum without drying the skin. They usually include anti-inflammatory components of plant origin that fight the formation of acne. For example, an elite professional shampoo contains a soft washing complex and an exclusive composition of allantoin for gentle care of delicate skin, moisturizing components and natural extracts of medicinal plants that have anti-inflammatory, wound healing, bactericidal, softening and soothing effects. Product refers to the professional cosmetic that is adapted for use in the home. Before using the shampoo, please read the instructions.
In addition to a shampoo will need a soft towel, soft baby washcloth and small bucket. If you do not want to bathe the Sphinx in a sink or bath, you need to prepare a basin.

Temperature and water level monitoring
Cats do not like the sound of running water, they try not to wash them in the shower. Put a rubber Mat or towel in the bath, sink, or basin so that the paws do not slip and the animal does not get nervous, and collect about 15 cm of water (for an adult animal). The water temperature should be warm.

Hairless kittens are trained to the washing procedure from childhood. It is very important not to frighten the cat, to speak to it in a soft but confident voice. The animal is put in water, the level of which reaches the stomach. If the cat is afraid of water, create a foam on the surface. The back and neck are wetted by watering from a bucket. Then a shampoo is applied to the skin, previously foamed in the palms. When using shampoo concentrate, dilute it in the recommended amount of warm water. For problem areas (tail, sacrum) where exfoliation is required, you can use a baby washcloth. Shampoo after washing should be thoroughly washed off.
You do not need to soap your head – this does not like cats, and there is a risk that water will get into your ears. It is better to wipe this area with a wet cloth or sponge.

Pet is wrapped in a soft towel and keep on hand until it completely gets dry.

Although hairless cats dry fairly quickly, to let them wet is dangerous, because a draft can cause the common cold. The hair dryer is not used. While the cat is sitting on his hands in a towel, you can do ear hygiene and check whether the brown secret has accumulated at the base of the claws – these places sometimes have to be wiped additionally.
Although it may seem that the care of the Sphinx gives the owners a lot of trouble, this is not entirely true. Naked cats need to be bathed often, but they do not need to be combed every day. With proper care, they please the owners with good health and high life expectancy, and their exotic appearance always attracts the attention of the household and guests.

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