How to shipping a Sphynx without stress, recommendations

How to carry a Sphynx without stress, recommendations:
In any case, it does not matter where you go, and how you need a carrier pet. Box and bag-not an option, the Sphynx can be afraid and run away. Do not save money, you need to take a good plastic container with a metal door.
Buy a disposable diaper and put it on the bottom.

Carriers are popular, covered with a dense waterproof fabric. They are light, compact, do pass light and air. They are comfortable to carry babies.

Do not forget to bring your pet’s veterinary passport. They indicate vaccinations and the condition of cats. All vaccinations should be done one month before transportation. The vaccination was completed, the mark was affixed, now you need to get a certificate from the veterinarian.

Before the road, the animal should not be fed. If the road is long, then take dry food and boiled water with you. Do not forget about paper and wipes, toilet paper and plastic bags.

Be prepared for the fact that you will have to pay for the flight of your Sphynx on the train or in air transport. The procedure and conditions for transporting animals can be specified at the ticket office.

Release the animal from the carrier should not be, only as a last resort. Pets can meow loudly, try to escape from the carrier, scratch as a result of stress. It is not necessary to provide hypervigilance, so it is not capricious. Once released, the tuzh Sphynx will be difficult to return, otherwise the animal could run away.

Can be pre-purchased at the pharmacy soothing drugs for animals. Be sure to consult a veterinarian.

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