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Instruction on breeding the cats
This manual is aimed for those who are going to buy a kitten or has just bought it.
Youve just adopted a living creature which demands your care, love and attention, just like human being child. At the first days the kitten might be scared and feel lonely in the new place, he probably will search for his mother and siblings. Sometimes the kittens might be confused by a new litter box and tend to avoid it. Thats why it is so important to keep an eye on him on the first few days, try not to punish the kitten because by doing so you will make him more scared. Instead, pet him and encourage for doing right things. It is better to avoid handling for the first few days until the kitten is settled down. Try to limit the contact between little children under age of five and the kitten, they can accidentally harm him. Dont let children squeeze the kitten, cats by the nature are very freedom loving animals and if you limit their freedom, they can turn into dangerous creatures. Cat is a very independent creature it wont stand violence and abuse, if you want your cat to become your friend, remember to respect it and its freedom. If you are loving and kind to your cat, it will definitely return all good things youve done to him to you. Remember! Never yell at the kitten or cat, or beat it. Animals do not understand peoples speech, and it wont connect your rage to his actions. In the result, the cat will hold distrust and fear towards you.
Make sure to buy these things before the arrival of the kitten:
1 Litter box. (You could use a closed litter box, this way litter wont be all over your apartment. Dont use scented litter it may turn your kitten away from the litter box. The bigger shape of litter, the less it sticks to cats paws.)
2 – Cat food. (Use the cat food of high quality and avoid the cat food which contains grain.)
3 Bowls
4 Water bawls. (The bigger the bowl is the better.)
5 Scratching post
6 Cat bed and bedding. (It is advisable to buy a closed one.)
7 Cat carrier
8 Lots of toys
9 Grooming equipment. (Like claw clippers and ear/eye wipes.)
What to ask the breeder for. These items will make the settling down easier for your kitten.
1 The cat food which the kitten is used to. (If you are going to change it, do it gradually throughout 5-10 days.)
2 Old litter. (The scent of the old litter will encourage your kitten to use it in your house as well.)
3 Old bedding. (It will also make for the fastest settling down of the kitten in your house.)

First days on the new place. Do your best to bring the kitten home when you are free, so are the other family members. So the kitten is already at your place the first thing the curious little friend will do is sniffing everything around. Dont distract him, the faster he does it, the faster he will get used to the scent of his new place. The best choice is to prepare a special room for the kitten and let him stay there for a few days until he is completely settled down. Mostly the kittens adapt easily but sometimes due to stress the kitten can get confused and find a toilet in a wrong place. When the kitten feels safe in the room you prepared for him, you can start gradually introduce him new rooms.
What to feed the kitten?
Ask the breeder which cat food was used to feed the kitten and in the short run try to stick to it. If you decide to change to cat food, remember to do it gradually.
Make sure the windows have nets or covered with iron grates. The rate of cats jumping out of the window is very high and most of them end tragically. Watch the door when you leave the house or come back home. The kitten may escape through not tightly closed door.
Indoor cats are much healthier than outdoor cats. If you still want to take your cat outside, make sure to accompany her. Letting the cat going outside on her own is strictly forbidden!