Kitten return

There is an unpleasant statistic. About 20% of people try to return the kitten to the breeder shortly after the purchase!
Why is this happening?
It happens for various reasons. Some people might discover an allergic reaction to cats while others are simply not ready for the responsibility. They do not realize the seriousness of the appearance in the house of a new family member. Often, new owners complain:
The kitten doesn’t go to his litter box!
The kitty cries all night and does not let the owners sleep!
And some people say we have changed our minds and we want to return him to his breeder.
A kitten equals to a human child. The moment you took him in your arms, you adopted him and there is no way back – you shoulder responsibility for the life of this baby!
Now it’s your child, 100%!
The baby needs care and love. He requires food, water, toys, toilet, etc., etc.
Just like children they also need to be taught what is right and what is wrong. Your job is to help him settle down in your house. Kittens go to their new homes already potty-trained, but because of stress and change of conditions, the kitten might get confused and start looking for a new toilet.
It might be troublesome at first, but did you expect to buy a kitten and place it on a shelf as a decoration of your house?
If you are really not ready to take responsibility, for you a kitten is a burden and you understood this only after the baby has arrived at your place, there is a way out!
First of all, you must tell the breeder about your decision and the breeder will try to figure out what is the best solution for you. It is probable that the breeder will reject accepting the kitten back for the reason that there are might be newborn non-vaccinated kittens at his home and the arrival of the kitten which was outside the house is very dangerous. In the event of the breeder’s denial, you can always ask him to assist you in the kitten’s resale. Although, logically, that the baby will stay in your house until a new family is found.

The money paid for the kitten is not refundable as the kitten is not a product which can be returned if “not suitable”. The breeder put a lot of effort and spent money on growing healthy offspring. Besides, if you decide to have given up the kitten for any reason – it is your choice. The breeder will not take responsibility for this.
If the kitten gets sick at your house the breeder does not take responsibility for that either.
Before buying an animal please think carefully because it is not a toy!