Shipping Kittens Sphynx & Bambino

We can ship a kitten to these countries:

  • U.S. (delivery by state to the customer’s home is possible)
  • Canada (from 4 months)
  • All of Europe (including Finland and Sweden)
  • Great Britain
  • China, Sri Lanka
  • Israel, Japan
  • Vietnam, South Korea
  • Thailand, Bahrain
  • Argentina, Mexico
  • Brazil, Colombia
  • Peru, Chile, South Africa
  • Nepal, Philippines
  • Malaysia, Indonesia
  • Pakistan, Egypt

See available kittens for sale:

Kittens can be shipped to different countries by cargo or can be accompanied by a courier.
What is Cargo? Your kitten will travel in a special compartment of the aircraft with climate control, in a special box equipped with food and water. Before sending cargo, the animal will undergo mandatory veterinary control. It can travel both a direct flight and a transfer flight to another country. The animal will be waiting for a connecting flight in a special hotel for pets, provided with very good conditions. While waiting for a connecting flight, your kitten will be examined by a veterinarian.
You also can choose your animal to be accompanied by a courier (air and car delivery). We work only with very reliable and trusted couriers. Our couriers will competently prepare all the necessary travel documents for the kittens. Our cats pass customs control legally. The couriers we choose are very careful about the animals, for us, it is very important. We are interested in our animals being delivered healthy and unharmed to the buyer.