Sphinxes, Bambino and a dog in one house

A Sphynx and a dog in the same house. The very first task that the owner of these animals faces when they both start living in the same room is to change their personal status. Now that you have become the owner of both, you just can’t give preference to one , they must be equally smart, beautiful and expensive for you! Animals are very sensitive to the owner’s preferences, and “favorite” in this case are unacceptable.
At first, you can’t ignore them both for a minute! In case of a conflict, it is reasonable to restrict the movement of the dog around the house for the first time, if you do not have the opportunity to look after them, and it is very important — do not let the cat get to where you left the dog.
Do not punish either of them for aggression, it will never teach them anything! It’s better to reward your friendliness. For example, a dog came up, sniffed the kitten and calmly walked away – treat her to something. The cat stopped hissing and straining at the appearance of the dog — the same, for this she is entitled to a reward.
An important issue is the trays for dog and cat food. Dogs, as a rule, are not very offended if their food is attempted. But cats react to this very painfully, so immediately the cat’s bowl should be put where the dog will not get it — on some not very high furniture, on the refrigerator. It is almost impossible to explain to a dog that cat food should not be touched.
Show patience and equal care to both animals, and your efforts will be rewarded. When a cat and a dog become friends and love each other, it will be so great, and their love will be more than enough for you!

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