Sphynxes, Bambino and children

Sphynxes, which have gained popularity due to the skin, devoid of the usual coat and undercoat, resemble dogs in their habits. Cats do not like to be alone, do not get tired in noisy companies and constantly demand the attention of their owners. People who are not at home, it is better to choose another, more independent from society breed. The cat is playful, active and carefree from an early age to a very old age, and therefore owners often call representatives of the breed eternal children. The cat is very loving and affectionate, rarely shows aggression and scratches. Representatives of this breed have high intellectual abilities and training skills. Sphynx easily gets along with other animals, even with rats and hamsters, if you immediately explain that you need to be friends. Sphynxes are very good to babies, because they do not grow themselves. Felinologists believe that cats of this breed are excellent nannies who will not only play, but also take care of the child. Together they will make a perfect tandem and give parents the opportunity to relax. For cats, the obsession of children will only be a joy. Sphynx is good for families with children because of the lack of wool. The space for children’s games does not need to be constantly vacuumed and cleaned. Research by felinologists has shown that a child who comes into contact with a cat from an early age learns faster, learns sensory skills, develops reaction and empathy. Thanks to the activity of the animal, the child will also get up faster and will actively burn energy during joint games.
First, parents should be around to watch the games. If the baby shows aggression, overly presses, strangles or pulls the Sphynx by the tail, then the action should be stopped. From a very early age, it’s important to say that you can’t hurt your pet. To improve relationships, felinologists recommend teaching your baby to feed the kitten, clean up after it and bathe. Joint care will bring him closer to the Sphynx and teach him to be responsible.

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