Ten Interesting Facts About Sphynx Cats

Character Of The Sphinx
Sphinxes have a flexible and rich character. These are smart, intelligent animals that demonstrate a complete understanding of the words and requests of the owner, easily remember simple commands, their name. Bald cats prefer to lead an active lifestyle, like to follow their owner, overcome obstacles and jump from one object to another. They have something canine, they also like to play, carry objects, they are very attached to the owner, they are not enough, they are looking for communication.

The breed is considered decorative, so the hunter’s instinct in cats is almost absent. They get along well with other animals and are not afraid of big dogs. They are affectionate and affectionate, but sometimes can turn into a real rage, showing the teeth and claws of the enemy. Each individual has its own character traits, and behavior is not always a characteristic of the breed’s character.

Sphinx owners say the animals seem to understand that they are completely dependent on humans and are grateful for their care. This breed of cat does not have not only fur, but also whiskers, the most important feline “device”. If cat find yourself on the street or in the wild, the Sphinx will die almost immediately.

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